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Jeiwa Power House

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Fadilah Nizar founded the Johor Empowerment of Intellectual Women Association (Jeiwa). She is passionate to empower women to contribute to the community and to ensure women become a champion of a nation and an agent of change to the country. JEIWA consists of professional and career women including those who had affected by domestic violence situation, yet they revived and now pledge to contribute to community.
JEIWA Power House is an initiative by JEIWA, serves as an integrated community hub located in Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru. The centre aim to ensure stability & sustainability of targeted groups and to encourage volunteerism activities among urban community. The centre is a marketplace for JEiWA beneficiaries products & talents particularly on F &B and Craft. It is opened to any multi-ethnic whether to Malays, Chinese, Indians, and Orang Asli/indigenous people who all share a unique cultural identity and yet able to continue the practice of their respective traditions.   The centre will integrate marketplace, empowerment facilities (training & counselling room), JEIWA HQ and event venue.
JEIWA Power House is crafted to bring the local elements amazingly wide array of the comprehensive traditional intricately-carved wood, colourful window glass panel and its decoration in various shapes and sizes instantaneously. Elaborated flooring with colourful decorated floor tiles reminding traditions in Malay houses in villages (kampung) constructed by wood (timber) and palm-leaves (attap). This is done not only to protect the household but also to keep the house cool during the hot tropical days. At JEIWA Power House, the woodcarving from Cengal knows as Tebuk Tembus Berukir is rich in vibrant colours & high value of craftmanship.
With these elements, JEIWA Power House showcases its potential to be a big player beginning within the community and has an impact on social, economic and environmental factors for any corporation who would like to contribute and support the mission and vision of JEIWA.

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