Trove Johor Bahru

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Trove Hotel was revamp recently and the hotel has undergone a major renovation. The renovation project extends throughout every corner of the building, from giving a much-needed facelift to the 283 rooms. 
TROVE Johor Bahru’s 283 themed rooms are spread across 27 floors – Level 12 to 17 Standard rooms are Local Love pays homage to the local heritage of arts and crafts in pop art style. By incorporating vibrant pops of colors through the decor, it brings life to the room.  Level 18 to 26 are Deluxe rooms which is team up with 3 different inspirations. Into the Woods lets you escape into Johor’s natural heritage; Straits Affair  designated rooms displays a aneed to discover Johor Bahru’s early significance as a trading post; Fun with Geometry showcases traditional Islamic designs and motifs with a modern twist.
Level 27 creates Precious Moments from the Arabic word Jauhar (jewel) defines local luxury in an array of well-appointed rooms, example for the President suite, Honeymoon suite and Executive suite. The Presidential suite fills with royal blue which reflects of the sky and sea. Further complementing colours highlights the colour of gemstones and colour psychology when combined together captures the splendor and charm of Johor’s storied past, an excellent starting point to explore the city.

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