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SINCE 1995

“Creating desirable interior space”

Homlux Interior Furnishing Sdn Bhd is a dedicated one-stop centre that provides our clients with a comprehensive interior furnishing solution. Whether commercial or residential areas, we offer professional consultations and top-level workmanship through our experience. We are always working closely with our clients to ensure that all interior furnishing projects are achieved with satisfying results.

-    Interior Design
-    Architecture & Builder
-    Design Consultation
-    Project Management
-    Construction&Renovation
-    Furniture & Fit-Out


SINCE 2003

“Great working environment redefine with our office solution”

From Auditorium and Link Chairs to Workstations, Homlux Office System Sdn Bhd offers an extensive range of office-system products for different kind of office requirements. Be it large, small or limited office space, we have a dedicated team of qualified and professionally-trained staff to help you plan and create an idea, yet functional working environment. Regardless of budget, we ensure that our products and services are met with the highest quality possible to satisfy our client’s need and expectations.

-    Office System Furniture
-    Workstations
-    Executive Desks
-    Office Chairs & Seating
-    Custom Office Furniture
-    Sofa & Upholstery


SINCE 2014
SINCE 2003

“Home sweet home made perfect”

Curtains play an important role in your home. They can either enhance or subdue the overall environment of your living space. At Homlux Windows Covering Sdn Bhd, we offer a wide range of classic and modern styles with fabrics made suitable for all walks of life. From formal styles to the current trend of curtain designs, we have a range to fit your character, personality and preference.
“Where form and function gives you more than window dressing”
There’s an old saying “the eye are the windows to the soul”. At Homlux Windows Covering Sdn Bhd, we adhere to the timeless philosophy with our specialized variety of window-covering materials that matches different kind of styles, tastes and budgets for your home.

-    Curtain
-    Blinds
-    Fabrics
-    Wall Paper
-    Wall Mural
-    Windows Accessories


SINCE 2019

At Hologram Furniture, we create chairs, tables, and furnishings for community, work, and home. We’re motivated by the relationship between products and spaces, spaces and people, people and their lifestyle. Hologram image reflects our unique character, essential design sensibility in our products and services. Our goal is to promote and make an impact on society that everyone deserves to own a unique art piece in their community, work, and home.

-    Designer Furniture
-    Office Furniture
-    Public Furniture


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