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Homlux Crazy Hat Annual Dinner, 2020!

Mar 10, 2020

It gets crazier every year! This year's Annual Dinner theme was ''Crazy Hat!'' where we asked our beloved guests to
prepare the wackiest, the most ridiculous, and the most flambuoyant hats they could imagine!

Chinese New Year, 2020!

Mar 10, 2020

Gong Xi Fa Cai, once again from Homlux! This year we welcome the year of the rat, and
send our greetings of prosperity to all our beloved clients, and employees!

We celebrated with games that brought out community together, and food that warmed out hearts.


Christmas Party, 2019!

Mar 9, 2020


Ending the year, with the joyous gift of giving, and good will!

Chinese New Year 2019!

Mar 6, 2020

Chinese New Year, 2018!
Gong Xi fa Cai, to one and all! We are happy to celebrate the coming of this new prosperous year with our precious friends, and family here at Homlux! We wish the same prosperity upon you, and our beloved clients!

Team-building 2019!

Mar 6, 2020

It was here that we strenghtened our bond, and tested each-toher's resolve, all in the name of mutual growth, and understanding!

In this 3 day seminar we challenge what it means to be a team, and pushed each-toher to grow, and rely on eachother...

Homlux Color Block Annual Dinner, 2019!

Mar 6, 2020

Homlux's very own celebration of colors at Trove Hotel!
Our theme this year was ''Color Blocking'', the practice of coordinating the colors of your outfit to express your mood, or personality!
This year we let our colors fly!

Homlux Masquerade Annual Dinner, 2018!

Mar 5, 2020
A grand time at the Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant!
We celebrated our Annual Dinner in the classiest, craziest, and most flambuoyant way imaginable! With our Masquerade theme, our staff expressed their creativity, and shined on during our event!

There were wild, crazy, and most importantly, memorable moments. We at Homlux believe that our employees should be celebrated for their achievments, hard work, and loyalty! This event was truly for them!

Homlux's Annual Dinner on 29 Jan 2016

Feb 2, 2016
Homlux's Annual Dinner on 29 Jan 2016
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Thanks for your present to make this event a meaningful and memorable one.

Location is R.O.Memories

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